Rosie with Kelly

A kitten graveyard was how it began...

On a farm in Pennsylvania, I was obsessed with the barn cats and kittens. Especially obsessed about the deaths that got to me the most. Many times, I held a cat who was dying or tried to save kittens that were struggling to live... and didn't. Thus, as a way to remember the specialness of them all, the kitten graveyard was born. Old shoe boxes served as caskets and they were buried beneath an oak tree in the backyard. Popsicle sticks served as markers although they disappeared within a week.


Kelly Davis is a former funeral director who decided that pets share a sweet, uncomplicated bond with their person and need a warm way to be remembered. A dairy farmer's daughter, she keeps animals close to her even though these days she lives in the rainy concrete jungle of Seattle. She has one dog, Rosie, and boards dogs for and volunteers at a veterinary clinic for homeless people's pets.